Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Diane Von Furstenberg's show yesterday is one of my favorite shows I have seen this week. She started out with a grouping of neutral looks, a very big change from her usual loud, gorgeous prints. As the show progressed it began to show more and more bright pastels. Pinks, lemon-lime green and canary yellows graced the catwalk along with some very dark greens and blues.

Diane then took her already dazzling prints and kicked them up a notch with a light layering of clear white sequins. This vamped up the prints and were great to watch shimmer down the runway.

My personal favorite pieces of the show were the glasses. I loved the light pink and lime green frames. They make me wish I had bad vision!

Here is the full video of the show, Via


Monday, September 12, 2011

Pleats and Thank You

A few days ago I discovered Live Runway. This is where you can watch a select group of fashion shows live streaming from YouTube! I don't think I have ever felt happier to sit in the back of my First hour Geography class until now. (For those who do not know: Geography is usually a freshman only class, but I did not take it my freshman year.. and it is required to graduate... So now I must sit amongst a bunch of freshman blah blah. I think you get the picture) (Ms. Koch... If you are reading this.... I hope not...) Any way, I discovered Live Runway!
Last year, they had something similar, maybe the same thing (I am not sure), but I did not really take advantage of it until now. Also, not until this year have I owned my own personal laptop. Therefore it is easier for me to access this luxury now more than ever! I love that the fashion world is becoming accessible to more than just people who are in the fashion scene (New York, Paris. . . etc.). It is awesome that a girl like me, living in Wichita Kansas can watch my favorite designer's shows live from home. 

You can access the live stream shows by clicking here.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of watching the two shows: Nikolas K and BCBGMaxazria. They were both fantastic.

I only caught the last few minutes of the Nicholas K show but let me tell you. . . I loved everything. The line has a very cool vibe around it. I loved the over sized jackets, slouchy-draped dresses and neutral color pallet. I was surprised to see the models were layered and layered with these clothes, however the layers did not look heavy at all. The fabrics flowed and bounced as the models walked. It gave the appearance that the fabrics were light and comfortably chic.

Favorite looks from Nicholas K:

Personally I am dying for the long fringe bracelets and shoes. 
For more of the Nicholas K show click here

BCBG Max Azria was an extremely beautiful show to watch. One thing that stood out to me was how Max and Lubov Azria made sure that in about every garment the models shoulders were showing. They showed the beauty in an otherwise 'normal' part of the human body. I also am a big fan of the construction of these clothes, with the deep V and geometrical neck lines.

Favorite looks from BCBG Max Azria:

 The neck lines and cut out designs are so beautiful and frame the chest in the most stunning way. *I am dying for those lemon-lime slacks above. They are so chic and when the fabric moved on the runway I was memorized. 

For more of the BCBG Max Azria collection click here.

I am so glad to have my blog back up and running. I look forward to writing many more posts about fashion week and beyond.  

Rachel  Ann

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"You dress so classy, I like that!"
                                    -----Quote from freshman boy yesterday.

My work here is done.