Sunday, April 4, 2010


Target is my love. I buy just about everything from there. When I first found out that Jean Paul Gaultier was doing a line for Target I FREAKED OUT. I absolutely love Gaultier and had to check it out! 

When I finally had a chance to go to Target it seemed like nothing was left. I was sad that i had not come sooner. Then I saw it. This little green, polka-dotted dress was hanging on a clothing rack right in front of me. It is so adorable! Here is my new favorite dress!

Another amazing piece from an amazing designer.

i decided to wear my great-grandmother's hat. Isn't it gorgeous?

In this look: Jean Paul Gaultier dress, my grandmothers vintage hat, gold Payless shoes.

Oh and Happy Easter from Collin an I.
-XOXO Rachel Ann

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