Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mini Post: Lindsey Wixson

Who is the new fresh face of the modeling industry? Lindsey Wixson is.

Where is she from? Wichita, Kansas that's where!!!

            I would have never guessed that the girl I was starring at in my favorite MIU MIU adds was from my very own home town! Debuting at New York Fashion week during the Prada Show in 2009, Lindsey's career has skyrocketed. Now the face of MIU MIU (My biggest dream!) and most talked about "newcomer," she continues to wow people with her stunning features. Her signature "Bee Stung" lips and gap in her teeth help give her that 'it' factor that everyone looks for. And let me tell you, this girl has 'IT'!

      I am proud to know that Miss Wixson is from my home town. To know she is 16, going to a local Wichita high school, and now has become one of New York's most talked about models, makes me think maybe I really do have a chance.

I hope I will become as successful as her! Congratulations Lindsey!

-XOXO Rachel Ann

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