Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing I Have Done Nothing . . .

Where have I been?? Well I am super duper glad you asked!

The past couple of weeks I have been sitting in school doing absolutely nothing. Me, just staring at a blank chalk board thinking to myself  'Rachel, what are you doing? Is there really an important reason why you haven't blogged?' And I would immediately answer myself 'no'. After contemplating for a week of why I have been so boring I decided to take some pictures after school. But guess what happened? I got sick for 3 days. For those three days I was too lazy and tired to get up and try  to make myself more visually pleasing.

Soooo that is my reason for not blogging. On the more positive side I have discovered new things to blog about! And have taken many photographs.

Lets pretend like I haven't not blogged for 3 weeks, Okay?

TopShop NYC: Also known as 4 floors of sheer bliss.

The other day I found out TopShop has TWO NEW MAKEUP LINES. I know, I freaked out too. When I found out I almost fell out of my chair.

    One line will be the Core Collection and the other will be a Trend Collection. The difference between the two is the Trend Collection will change according to the current season. This will make the products in the Trend Collection limited edition items. This is so exciting!

     Both lines consist of lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara. . . etc. My favorite pieces of the Core Collection are the lipstick in vintage - $14.00 : 

and the blush in crushed berry - $12.00 :


My favorite piece in the Trend Collection is the Amazon Shadow In Suns - $16.00:

 The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. If I had the money I would buy every piece in this collection. SO PRETTY.

 Here is the spread in ELLE magazine : ) Enjoy.

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