Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Wish. . .

You know what I wish?? I wish that everyone would wear big hats.


Never do you see teenagers wearing large stylish, hats to church. Never EVER do you see teenagers wear hats to lunch, school, parties, the mall, to the movies! I wish more people would wear extravagant hats.

Look at them. . . They are so beautiful! Who wouldn't want to wear them?! 

Now I have a Challenge. Go buy a hat and wear it somewhere you never see gorgeous hats. To the movies, bowling, even out shopping!

If anyone takes my challenge, e-mail me pictures! I would love to feature them on my blog  : )


-XOXO Rachel Ann


  1. Ohhh this post makes me so happy because at the Art Pride parade I bought a big hat with a big bow on the back at Hat Man Jacks. I have worn it many places and I have put it on to drive which is strange but its so adorable! So I am definitely with you on this one Rachel, and i will take pictures the next time I am out!

  2. I even wore it to state track at WSU! This is random but i am very jealous of your no braces.

  3. Haha Well thanks for buying a hat!! i love hats and wish more people would wear them. I think i will start wearing more. Im excited for the pictures! :) and i am loving having no braces. i feel like i look different haha. :)))

  4. Woah! All of those are gorgeous... and classy! * ^ *
    You've got a great taste!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~