Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T-Shirts Are Hitting The City!

Heads up! Whitney Port is planning on launching a new T-shirt line along with her own Whitney Eve brand. I am so excited! I love Whitney eve. As of now I do not no any details about the Tees except that they will be launched in 2011.

Whitney Port is one of my fashion idols. I love her style, hair, line. . . she's just awesome! Unfortunately I have yet come across any Whitney eve clothing, but I know sooner or later her clothes will find me! With the new T-shirt line coming out, I am bound to find a piece to add to my closet. Wooohooooo!!!

Here is the Whitney Eve fashion show from 2010 if you want to take a looksie!

Check back for a new post, this time about my shoes. Yes, THE shoes!

-XOXO Rachel Ann

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