Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Tweet!

I would just like to point out how much twitter has been a help the past few days.

for example it is keeping me up to date on EVERYTHING to do with fashion week!

All day I have been waiting to see the Alexander Wang Fashion show live stream on It stated on the website: Check out the live stream of the Alexander Wang Fashion show starting at 5:00PM. I counted down the minutes on my facebook page as follows;


At 4:59 I happily typed into the address bar and clicked the link to the video on the home page. IT NEVER STARTED. I waited maybe an hour.

Bored I thought to myself, 'I haven't been on twitter for a while. Let's see whats up!' 

When I got onto my  twitter page @Womensweardaily was at the show. They were so nice and tweeted a few pictures. Although I was extremely dissapointed that I couldn't watch the show it was a great feeling seeing the pictures as the show was happening. 

So I just want to say: Thank you Twitter for keeping me informed during this years fashion week!

Twitter Pictures!
 An Ace with Lace at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

A Vested interest at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

Prep School is in Session at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

A Shirtdress at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

Getting Stoned at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

ADAM cuts it out: @WomensWearDaily

A Silver Lining at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

In the Trenches at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

Get Shorty at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

Topped with Sprinkles at ADAM: @WomensWearDaily

Adam gets a Print: @WomensWearDaily

All is peachy-keen at ADAM: @Womensweardaily

ADAM serves up a layered sweet: @WomensWearDaily

Alexander Wang

Models do a walk through at Alexander Wang: WomensWearDaily

Hairstylists apply paste to hair at Alexander Wang to create a tribal, punk look: @WomensWearDaily

Backdrop at Alexander Wang: @WomensWearDaily

Maggie Gyllenhaal at Alexander Wang: @WomensWearDaily

At Alexander Wang!: @RZRachelZoe

Some of the shoes at AlexanderWang: @WomensWearDaily

A terra cotta moment at Alexander Wang: @WomensWearDaily

Alexander Wang painted the girls' hair! Won't be fun to wash out...

See-thru at Alexander Wang.: @WomensWearDaily

Metallic mint bomber at Wang.: @WomensWearDaily
One of Wang's white urban warriors.: @WomensWearDaily
One of Wang's white urban warriors.: @WomensWearDaily
The finale at Alexander Wang!: @WomensWearDaily
 Some more White At Wang!: @WomensWearDaily
Zac Posen
@Teen_Vogue: Ps .. Zac told us the three hair looks during the show were based on his "intellectual side, playful side, and sexy side." 

Kristin Cavallari at Z-Spoke.: @WomensWearDaily

Zac Posen takes his bow at Z-Spoke. : @WomensWearDaily

Kristen Cavallari watching Zac Posen's Z-Spoke show: @WomensWearDaily

Little - and sexy - Bo Peep at Z-Spoke.: @WomensWearDaily

 Crystal Renn in canary yellow in the Z-Spoke show.: @WomensWearDaily

A red look at Zac Posen's Z-Spoke show.: @WomensWearDaily

A floral dress at Zac Posen's Z-Spoke show.: @WomensWearDaily

A floral dress at Zac Posen's Z-Spoke show.: @WomensWearDaily

The end. : )

-XOXO Rachel Ann

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