Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I miss doing these posts! I finally had time to do one today! : )

These are my new Sam Edelman shoes that I am obsessing over. I wore them to school the other day and was taller than everyone; well over 6 feet.

Oh for the glasses and hair I was channeling my Taylor Swift Halloween costume. I was the nerdy Taylor in her You Belong With Me music video. I can not stop wearing the glasses! I love them!!!

Anyways check out my platforms!!

 Outfit: Sam Edelman shoes, BCBG navy dress, Zara top, Vintage belt, Fake RayBan glasses with lenses removed, and Giorgio Armani coat.

Oh and I have a new addition to my family! Her name is Bella and she is a chocolate lab. 

Squeak is not very happy about it but he will have to get used to it. 

At least she has good taste. She has tried to Choo my shoes many times! AHAhahahaha ohhh what a pun. I replaced chew with Choo . . . as in Jimmy. . . alright I'm done.
-XOXO Rachel Ann


  1. Just a couple things.......wait i lied. more than a couple.

    1. I miss your posts, so im glad you wrote one...made my night!!! (:
    2. you're drop dead gorgeous.
    3. i'm surprised that you arent already like an international supermodel...
    5. just a handy dandy reminder......we're like the same shoe size, and if you ever get tired of wearing any of your shoes..i love you. :D lol. just kidding. but really.
    6. your new puppy is ADORABLE
    7. you're effing hilarious. like for cereal, man. im not that big into fashion, but your dog "choo" ing joke literally made me laugh out loud.
    8. (last one, i promise!) I LOVE YOUU

  2. Love the outfit! And this post! :) It made be smile.

  3. You always make my day!!! Aunt Kim