Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld, the genius behind the famous brand Chanel, released his Pre-Fall collection last week. He turned the upstairs of the Rue Cambon shop in France into a Byzantine palace setting, complete with fuchsia poofs and mirrored mosaic tables. With only 136 people, it was a cozy occasion for Karl and his fashion loving friends.

I am absolutely in love with the colors he used this season. They are gorgeous.

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

I Love. . .

1. Those shoes are amazing. I love how they cover the leg like a leather glove and disappear under the skirt. The colors are chic as well, nude with a pop of black on the toe, just beautiful

2. Hair, hair ,hair! Love how it is styled! each model has this beehive-messy-bun up do that I have been trying to recreate on my head for the past few days. The headbands are gorgeous too, adding to that Byzantium flair.

3. Those high waisted tweed knee shorts are a-ma-zing. I would wear those right now. I love how the fabric is wrapped around the waist, similar to the wrapping of a robe or Kimono. Those shorts completed with the metallic leggings are fantastic. they make the outfit look rich and strong. I want to wear this!

4. I love the collar and cuffs, the sleeves are fantastic as well.

5. I can't even explain how much this dress makes me want to wear it. The colors Karl used this season made the line have this expensive, lush, comfortable, romantic, and regal air.

6. I love the neckline, it really accentuates the shoulder line.

7. Pleats = LOVE

8. The jewels really top off the dress, like whipped cream on a milkshake. the embellishments along with the majestic blue created that Byzantine Empress feel. I also love how the jewels are only across the bosom and the arms.

9. Great accessorizing as well, love the cuffs.

10. I love this dress. It contains my favorite color in the entire line: emerald green. I love how regal the fabric looks. It makes the woman wearing it look powerful and strong. Queen-like

11. I love the shapes that the cutouts make on the body. The zig-zags from mid-knee to the hips to the waist to the shoulders. Aahhhh beautiful.

12. Love the strappy golden sandals.

13. Is it velvet? I believe it is, gorgeous. The tunic, legging combo is always a winner. Especially when it is in royal blue velvet.

14. The gold embellishments are beautiful

LOVE this look!

15. This shirt is fantastic! I love how it looks like a normal, white collared shirt with a tweed half-sweater layered on top. The colors are whimsical and look beautiful with the navy blue pants and gold belt.

16. I love how the jeweled sandals are paired with longer pants. It gives a sense of high class comfort that I cannot get enough of.

17. This jacket/shirt is fantastic. I love the over sized sleeves and embellishments running like tracks down the fronts.

18. Necklace = gorgeous.

19. Love the leather skirt as well, it gives the outfit a sexy edge that completes the look


21. the colors are fantastic and i love the diamond print design. I would wear this in a heartbeat.

22. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

23. I LOVE This sweater with the golden long sleeve shirt underneath. The gold really brings the outfit to the next level.

24. Also love the sleeve fringe. It reminds me of a Indonesian woolen sweater worn in the mountains. soooo cute!

25.I love the lines of this knit. I also love how you can see her skin through the small rings of the knit.

26.Beautiful belt.

27.The knit-wear in this collection is just so fantastic isn't it?!

I want this, I just do.

28. This coat is amazing. The collar is beautiful and I love the detail and look of the closures.

29.I love how the piping on the edge of the coat waves down the body, it really accentuates her figure.

30.The peek-a-boo leg slip at the bottom is gorgeous, it keeps you guessing: What is underneath??

31.I love that burnt umber color.


33. The green continuing from her toes to her shoulder line makes her look so tall.

34. Doesn't it just make you want to wear it? It looks so regal and comfortable at the same time. So elegant. aahhhh Emerald greeeennn.

35. This has to be my favorite out fit of the entire collection. The colors are To Die For. That sweater is so architecturally strong but it also has this soft comfortable look to it that is so intriguing.

36.The color combination it RIGHT. perfect amazing.

37. I love the cuffs, earrings, and headband that were paired with the outfit. They really complete the look.

38. I love those stocking shoes. They looks so amazing and make the legs look fantastic. They also bring out the rich Burgundy of the top.

39. I love the piping on the top. It shows the lines of the garment and adds a little pop of bright to the otherwise dark attire.

40. The combination of the vertical and horizontal stripes is fantastic.


41. I love this look. I could really see myself wearing it

43. I love the collar and cuffs they are fantastic. I love how the fabric forms a bell shape around the wrist. so cute!

44. The high waisted knit shorts are amazing. I would wear them every day if i could!

45. This outfit is super chic! It accentuates the models height. I love that.

Last but not least I love this look.

46. The pants are so beautiful. The green velvet is super flattering and rich looking.

47. Love the pairing of the sandals with the long pants.

48. The stripe at the neck, waist, and hip are really flattering. They accentuate the beautiful curves of the woman figure. Gorgeous

49.There is that Emerald green again! yummm

50. I love The sleeves on this sweater. The are huge around the upper arm and tight from the elbow down. Very chic.

Karl really pulled it off this Pre-Fall. He showed that Chanel can go in any direct. The sky it the limit. The Byzantium colors he used are amazing, So rich and cozy. I cannot imagine how the clothes feel to the touch!

Thank you Karl for another amazing show. Now the question is, Where will Chanel go next?

-XOXO Rachel Ann

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