Sunday, October 24, 2010

Afternoon Rain

 Kate Moss' new line for TopShop is coming out on November 2nd and it is said to be her last. So sad.

The video preview on is so adorable. Fellow models/friends of Kate run around her personal shopping suite trying on her new looks while sipping at champagne and nibbling at cupcakes. Looks like so much fun! Click here to watch.

Cannot wait to own a piece! especially that sequin dress (you will know it when you see it), just fab.

-XOXO Rachel Ann 

Oh Em Gee


Lanvin is doing a collaboration with H&M. It looks so fabulous! Are you as excited as I am?!?!?! H&M has only selected a few of the photos to be released to the public. I am in love with the shape of those leopard heels. 
The line will officially be released on November 2nd when H&M will be showing the entire line, live in a fashion show on their website here. Tune in at 08:00 CET I know I will be!!

Until then, gaze with me?

-XOXO Rachel Ann

Friday, October 15, 2010


Lately I have been pretty stuck with this blog. I have no idea why, I have just done nothing. I have actually been feeling pretty bad for my Blogspot because I have been updating my new Tumblr so much! I feel like Blogspot has become the forgotten child in our little family of fashion. I just want to take this moment to say: I'm verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry bloggy and will do best to get us out of this rut and give you all the attention you need!

With that said I will now start a post!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


By far my favorite collection of the season. Those shoes are TO DIE FOR.  They are my new muse. I think i love them just as much as those MIU MIU Mary Janes. I also can not get over the fact that they weaved each models hair like a basket. Oh, and how they used wheat in the dresses!!! How genius! All I can say is wow. I am amazed as usual. Simply fantastic.

-XOXO Rachel Manning