Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight

 Moody board.

For this mood board I was thinking like granny, lace, vintage, twenty year old living in the big city for the first time vibe. I didn't really plan this out in my head, it just came together. It turned out pretty nice! I like how it is mostly old time photos of cats, lace umbrellas, and porcelain dolls but then there is a since of a young girl touch with the over sized jeweled bracelet and Marc Jacobs cork shoes.

young but almost too sophisticated for her age. the sophistication though has a cuteness too it. Overdone, but not overdone.

It is like the girl who is portrayed in this has lived in a small-uptight-long-skirt-fifties-style town and she is going to go and live in NYC. I don't know.. I guess that is the story in my head.

Other photo inspiration that seems to correlate with my board.


(Credits top to bottom: Fluffies, Flowers, Bracelets, Rainbow Tulle, Flowing Hair, Cats, Shoes, Light, Wixson Winkle, Lace, Smiling down-sorry dont know.., coolest toy ever, blue eyes and shirt, waves)

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  1. gorgeous, as always.
    i love the aristocats!!!