Wednesday, March 9, 2011


          Marc Jacobs' line for the Fall season of 2011 had a cool, icy feeling to it.  The setting looked almost space age and brought a whole new feeling to the word: fall. I loved how he set up the show. It gave off the feeling of fall and winter, which is not usually a sensation captured in the setting. The long sleeves, fluffy gloves, and collars looked like they belonged with the aqua, waterlogged background. It is almost like a demonstration of how these clothes will look, and how they will warm up the surrounding cold scenery.

         The show felt like it should be in a space age movie. I loved how the plastics in the  background were also echoed in the collection itself. Hitting uncommon spots such as long sleeves on a woolen sweater. I also admired how Marc chose to highlight skin. In just about every  winter collection the only sex appeal and skin showing was from the knee down and shoulders up. I loved how he made the fabric plastic instead. It gave a sexy look at winter clothes but also seemed durable to wear in the harsh temperatures of NYC.

         I really enjoyed how everything had a sheen. The background, the integrations of plastics and sequins, even the berets brought a dewy feeling to the collection. As if it had just snowed, but it was so warm that it melted onto the clothing. What brought the collection up a level was the fact that the sequins were not the typical sheen. They were more of a matte color. That is something new that I have not seen before.... and one could say I have become obsessed.

         The polka dots gave the collection a fun twist as well(that is always seen in a Marc Jacobs show). I loved how there was a continuous repetition of circles throughout the garments. The sequins mirrored the berets, which mirrored the polka dots. --An ingenious move by Jacobs.

         I am not sure if Marc Jacobs is even capable of doing wrong. I look forward to his upcoming collections.



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  1. so many spots! I was debating whether or not to buy some spotty tights, but it seems that they're a must x